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At-Risk Kids

  Valeria   Age: 3 Birthday: March 31, 2008 Gender: Female Location: Ecuador   Rosa lives with her mother. At home, duties include cleaning. Her mother is employed as a seller in the market. There are 5 children in the family. Rosa is not attending school because she is too young. Singing, art and playing with dolls are her favorite activities. She also attends church activities regularly. Your love and support will help Rosa to… … Continue reading

At Risk Kids Day 4: Compassionate People.

We found out that a girl who works in the Compassion office loves and listens to American Christian radio online.  The problem is she had never heard of the Wally show.  I had to do something about that.   Today we went to the Compassion regional office and met some amazing people.  These people work tirelessly to ensure kids get not only the help they need physically, but also spiritually as well.  They are making… … Continue reading

At Risk Kids Day 3: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Today was a great day for 2 reasons.  One, I got to play with the kids in the Compassion project.  Two: I learned something I never new about Katie Rose.     Today was truly a blessing and a curse.  We got to see people at their finest when we visited a Compassion project that cares for kids late into the night so parents have someone to watch their kids while they work.  The Mom… … Continue reading

At Risk Kids Day 2: Home Visits

Today was one of those yeah/Awe days where you are excited to meet people in their homes until you get there and see how they are forced to live.  I can't begin to tell you how sad it is.     We traveled to a place I have no chance of spelling correctly to meet an amazing group of girls.  As cute and joy filled as these girls are you would never know that one… … Continue reading

At Risk Kids Asia: Day 2

Today was an amazing and heartbreaking day all in one.  We saw some of the best in humanity and the worst.  It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that I can't wait to share. Right now the internet is real sketchy, so I will have to explain this picture in a later post.  Thanks for following us. … Continue reading

Katie Rose meets her Compassion kid

This was such a great way to start off our trip in Asia!     I got to meet my Compassion kid today. I was so excited, I was actually nervous.  I have never loved someone so much that I have never met. She is a sweet and shy girl named Yothika who just turned 11 yesterday.  After scaring her with an American birthday party (complete with hats, noise makers, and a cup cake with… … Continue reading