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How To Find Our True Worth in a World of Selfies and Side Hustles

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, taking selfies, or having a side hustle; but when we start to find our identity in any of these things it can be dangerous. The women from the new book, “Her True Worth,”Brittany Maher and Cassandra Speer unpack how our worth is only found in Jesus Christ. Our identity cannot be earned or even revoked on the days when we feel like a mess. This conversation is filled… … Continue reading

Hope Darst Shares How to Have True Peace

“Peace is KNOWING, having an assurance that God is in control. God is with me and what I feel right now is not the ultimate truth or ending to this situation. I can actually have peace that guards my mind and heart during turmoil.” Hope Darst not only sings about peace in her song “Peace Be Still” but she is sharing how to experience it too. Jump to 12:30 to hear Hope’s definition of true… … Continue reading

3 Healthy Ways to Handle Conflict With a Friend

Every friendship has conflict. Either the conflict is hidden away and never dealt with or it is worked through and can strengthen the relationship. In this new podcast episode, Bekah and I had a tense moment at work that left us both close to tears. How we handled it revealed some growth in both of us. Here are some of the steps we followed: 1. When there is tension or hurt feelings, bring it up… … Continue reading

Check Out Joy’s Summer Must Have Items!

Joy here and life is hard so you’ve got to find the things that bring you joy! These are a few of the things I’ve found for this summer that I LOVE and I simply had to share them with you! Comment below and share your must have items from this summer too. Sunscreen You know you should wear sunscreen, but it’s often too thick or smells like coconut so it’s easy to skip in… … Continue reading

Joy’s Journey with Postpartum Depression

Entering motherhood is hard no matter your situation. Labor is painful and you enter motherhood with crazy hormones and already on a healing journey. The months that followed my son’s birth I experienced a dark season of postpartum depression. You can watch my journey below. Becoming a mom was such a hard season for me emotionally, but as you can watch, I had the support of my husband, friends, and even doctors to help walk… … Continue reading

Does “Healthy Coke” Actually Taste Like Coca-Cola?

You may have seen people online trying a form of “healthy coke” made with balsamic vinegar and sparkling water. They all claim it’s delicious and such a good alternative to drinking a traditional Coca-Cola. We decided to actually find out if this taste similar at all. After this video we even tried different amounts of balsamic and soda water and still had the same hilarious response.     … Continue reading

Learning How To “Come As You Are” To God

I knew this would happen. The clock read 1:15am and my son was awake crying and coughing. My husband had just flown out of town to perform a wedding and like clockwork, my son got sick as soon as my husband was gone. Some things require all you’ve got in the tank and more. When my son gets sick and we both get very little sleep. It’s hard to navigate the next day. After a… … Continue reading