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This Song Will Make You See Your Home Differently

I’m so sorry for the mess! I didn’t have time to clean! Ignore the (toys, dog hair, etc.)!  For years, at least one of these disclaimers would roll off my tongue the second a guest stepped into our house. It didn’t matter if I had spent the entire day cleaning, I felt that I had to apologize for actually living in my own home. I’m actively working on changing how I see our space–it’s lived in,… … Continue reading

Lauren Daigle Shares Secrets About Her New Album

The world has eagerly been anticipating new music from Lauren Daigle after her 2018 album “Look Up Child.” She recently released her first song “Thank God I Do” from her upcoming self-titled album. She joined us to drop some hints about her new music, what it looks like to have good people in your corner, and how a few of her songs are already becoming wedding classics. … Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

Job interviews are stressful enough on their own. But when the person interviewing you turns the tables with, “Do you have any questions for me?” it can lead to a full-blown moment of panic as you try to remember anything outside of your rehearsed answers to their questions. A woman named Kyyah Abdul shared the 5 questions she always asks a potential employer. You can watch her video or read her 5 questions below. I know I… … Continue reading

Watch This 2-Year-Old Lead Her Family in Prayer

It’s beautiful that even when we don’t get all the words right, God hears our prayers! Check out this sweet moment of a 2-year-old girl leading her family in saying the Lord’s Prayer: @sweetspreaches #prayer #trainupachild #2yroldprays ♬ original sound – Nicole Blanson839 … Continue reading

This Love Story Brought Us to Tears

Dementia is a cruel disease. When our friend Faron’s mom stopped recognizing her dad, it was heartbreaking for the entire family. But then, they fell in love all over again:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Afternoons with Joy & Bekah (@wayfmafternoons) … Continue reading

There’s No Shame in Getting Help

Hi, I’m Bekah. I love Jesus. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I take meds. And I go to therapy.  I get being therapy hesitant. I was so nervous to go and wasn’t sure where to start. I also assumed that therapy would just be someone scolding me and telling me to get my life together. 😂 Now that I’ve been going for several years, I realize what a GIFT it is.  I’ve had seasons… … Continue reading

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

Last week, my husband Joey and I got to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. While I will never, ever claim to be anything close to a marriage expert, here are 10 things I’ve learned in the past 10 years: 1. Marriage doesn’t have to be hard I know. Cue the eye rolls. What does this “only-married-10-years” kid know about marriage?” Listen. My husband and I have been through it. Life has thrown everything and the… … Continue reading