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A Legacy That Looks Like a Romantic Love Story | by Crowder

“… to ask my mom, ‘What do you think of my dad?'” Crowder knows the answer his parents would give and it has made a big impact on his life. Check out his story in the video below.   Crowder says, “If we could go over to my parents house right now, you would see two people that are, like, entirely in love. To ask my mom, ‘What do you think of my dad?’ She’ll say,… … Continue reading

Carrollton Amazes with this Live Performance of Tell Me

The guys in the band Carrollton are the real deal. “Tell Me” is a great song and they absolutely crushed it live in studio.   They say this was the hardest song they’ve ever put on an album. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to everyone else, but this song reminds us identity matters and is at the beginning of true life and love. Hear more about why Carrollton wrote this song and why it was hard… … Continue reading

Be the First to See tobyMac’s New Music Video!

Check out the exclusive premiere of tobyMac’s stellar and meaningful video to the song, “Til the Day I Die.” And til the walls crash in For the rest of my days I’ll lay it all on the line Til the day I die You heard “Til the Day I Die” first on the WAY NEW music channel. Your place to get fresh and fun Christian music – first. Listen to WAY NEW!     … Continue reading

Why is the Phrase “Let There Be Light” so Important to Hillsong?

This song isn’t about wanting God to win. Because He already has. That’s the heartbeat of “Let There Be Light.” The new song from Hillsong Worship. Check out this lovely acoustic performance and interview with the songwriters, including Joel Houston.   Here’s what Joel was thinking about when asked to help write the song “Let There Be Light:” “If we could just understand that… God is – He is light. In John 1… It talks… … Continue reading

8 Songs That Will Help You in the Middle of Suffering

You love the music and we know how powerful it has been in our own lives. So, we’re leaving you with songs that the Lord has used in middle of our own circumstances. Put them on repeat. Think on these lyrics. Keep them in your playlist for when you have bad days. We hope they remind you you’re not alone, God can work good from your circumstance, and that staying close to God can make… … Continue reading

Why You’ll Be Seeing Jordan Feliz at the Polls This Year

Why should someone vote? Jordan Feliz has something to say to his fellow millennials about that topic.   “I’ve heard a lot of friends, because I’m a millennial, saying… ‘Does it really matter?’ It does matter! … You have the freedom to go out and be a change.” – Jordan Feliz   See who else wants to Lift the Vote!   … Continue reading

See The Powerful New “Chain Breaker” Music Video!

“Chain Breaker” is one of WAY-FM’s highest testing songs – and for good reason. The message that Zach Williams sings is powerful and we’re thrilled to premier the music video!    For Zach Williams, this song came from a personal story that turned into a mission to encourage others. He says, “For years, I struggled with addictions, and rejections, and I had myself convinced that I wasn’t good enough. So, I wanted to write a… … Continue reading

This Lauren Daigle Video is the Most Hopeful Thing You’ve Seen All Day.

You’ve heard Lauren Daigle sing “How Can It Be,” but have you seen her get this real? She shares a story of struggling in her own life, then drops some serious truth about how to keep your mind focused on what matters. Lauren made this video for the World’s Biggest Small Group a couple years back, but we still get comments about how this video is blessing people today.   Lauren uses this verse: “And now, dear brothers… … Continue reading

What If tobyMac Ran for Office?

If tobyMac ran for office, here’s what would be in his big speech. It came from a huge change he made in his life 10 years ago and it’s not what you might expect… He says, “… I just think, man, the dinner table’s the lost communication, the lost common ground of the American family. I’m not running for office, but that would be in my speech, in my campaign. I think if we could… … Continue reading