If Our Emails Were Honest

Aaaaah, vacation. That magical time when you get to unplug and enjoy your family and some well-deserved time off.

Except….if you’re like me, maybe you’re not the best at actually taking time off.

I have a vacation coming up, and if I were honest in my “out-of-office” reply, this is how it would sound:

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I am not thankful for your email, but I don’t know how else to start this.

As you already knew, I’m on vacation from now until the 22nd. I’ll actually be back on the 21st, but I really don’t want you flooding my inbox the second I get back.

I know the thing you emailed me about isn’t that important, so it can definitely wait until then.

Here’s someone else’s email. They probably won’t follow up with you, but I feel better about leaving it as an option.

But let’s be honest, I’m reading this while on vacation and fuming inside.



(The spelling is literally in my email, but you still can’t get it right.)

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