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image.axd_Going to be a short blog entry today. LOTS of stuff going on. Things are way tense.

Anyway, having some tough conversations. I had to turn to the guys, and make some things very clear: “If anyone wants to come with me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. 

And then I said: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life, because of me, will find it.

Pretty straightforward. (And yes, I said it in a red typeface, to answer your question.)  Check it out how I can totally talk in whatever color I want and I can even alternate if I want and that’s pretty cool, yes?

Seriously: Gotta go. Peace to you, friends. And I love you, by the way.

That’s why I’m doing all this.


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No offense, Jesus, but I wouldn’t have posted this, if I were you. I’m on the board for the big Maximize (TM) Christian Motivation(TM) Conference (TM) and we were thinking about inviting you. We’re going to talk about your Success Principles (TM) but this “deny yourself” and “lose your life” business would be a TOTAL buzzkill.

– maximize2000


Yeah, I’m with “Maximize” up there. I don’t see how this “lose your life for my sake” thing squares with your other teachings about how you came so that we would have lots of money and success and promotions and stuff.

– believe7


Hey, “believe7″, I’ve been paying attention (I’m a friend of his) and there are no Jesus teachings about having “lots of money and success and promotions and stuff”.

The idea that it’s really about US, not God, is the oldest lie in the book. It’s what the enemy always, always, always wants us to think, one way or the other.

Jesus DID promise us troubles, and promised he would never leave us!  What are you going to do, now that you see he actually said we have to deny ourselves, and give up our lives for his sake?

– Pete_the_rock


What am I going to do?

My plan is to ignore he said that, so I can continue with my religion that affirms what, you know, I already wanted.

– believe7


Oh. Okay.

– Pete_the_rock


I guess I’m disappointed because Jesus is ignoring what we all learned about science in “The Secret”, about how if we think positive things, we attract positive things that we want, and they come right to us, using universal magnetic forces in the universe. It’s actually scientific. I guess if you just focus on bad stuff, like self-denial and crosses and losing your life, and so forth, that’s what you’ll end up with.

No negative thoughts!

– destiny31928


Destiny: Since your universal magnetic forces in the universe are magnetic, your positive thoughts will actually repel positive stuff. Your hoped-for Land Rover would go flying into outer space, and you’ll totally attract a ’72 Ford Pinto or something. Be real careful.

– marvin21


Hey, “Maximize”, you’re conference sounds great and i would like to know when it is.

– clippers_suck_14


Jesus you shouldn’t even have a blog if you don’t read the comments the guy right above me said a cussword in his name you should do something about it

– ash2018


Back to the point. Jesus makes it sound like it’s all about HIM. Not about me. That’s what I like about other teachers: They make it about me. “7 Tips for My Marriage” or “8 Ways to Fulfill My Potential” and different things like that. Me.

I don’t like what Jesus says. What good is a God who doesn’t make me better, or improve my financial status? Why does it have to be about HIM? It’s “I am the way” and “Give your life for me” and “Believe in me” and so forth.

“He wants me to “give my life” for him, but would he do that for me???

– success89


This is my first time on this guy’s blog. “Maximize”, you should invite this guy to your conference. It’d be hilarious to see how many books of HIS he would sell!!! Somehow I don’t think his message would be real popular. This guy is going to wind up alone or humiliated somewhere. Somehow, I don’t think that’s my idea of “success”.

– TJ


my dad is s ick i know u love him please help us . thank u for never leaving me that means more than anything

– horsegurl9

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