10 Things Every Dad Worries About

When you sign up to be a dad, you’re signing up for 18 years of intense stress and worrying.  Followed by slightly less stress and worrying . . . but still a lot of stress and worrying . . . until you die.  Goooooo parenting! lol!

 A new survey found the top 10 things that new dads worry about most.  Check ’em out.

1.  Having teenage daughters who are dating.

2.  Braiding ponytails.

3.  Providing for the family . . . yes, this was LESS of a concern than ponytails.

4.  Choosing the right shoes for their kids.

5.  Having the “facts of life” talk.

6.  Packing lunches.

7.  Their kids being on social media.

8.  Having teenage SONS who are dating.

9.  Being smart enough to help with homework.

10.  Shopping for presents.

Would you add anything to their list??

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