4 Songs that Should be in The Skating Rink Song Hall of Fame

Think back to when you were young.

Like, middle school young.

Maybe you were a kid like me who was always looking forward to Friday Night Skate Night at the roller rink and you’re praying Mom gives you enough money to get the speed skates because only dorks rock the regular ones.

Skate Night was a middle schoolers night club. It was the place where your parents would drop you off, your friends would be waiting and being seen there was just as important as passing Ms. Giovani’s “Big Test” she had coming up in a couple weeks. You’d take just as much care strapping down your skates as you did making sure the girl you’d been eyeing was going to be there while praying you had the courage to ask her to couple skate with you when the moment came. Every skating rink had its own set of social hierarchy too. The nerdier kids would hang by the arcade, the cooler kids by the snack bar, the sportier kids would compete in every skating game and all of this is set to the beat of THE SKATING RINKS DJ.

Skating Rinks may vary in size, may have different rules or people visiting them. But every skating rink I ever visited seemed to have the same playlist and here are the 4 songs I feel should be entered into the SKATING RINK SONG HALL OF FAME!


#4: Snap “Rhythm is a Dancer” – Everyone skates a little faster when this one comes on. This song is the one where you try and show off your special moves too, like skating backwards or crossing your skates one in front of the other.


#3: Stevie B “Spring Love” – Really, any Stevie B song was essentially a skating rink song. I think this mans entire career was made from the hardwood floors of skating rinks across the country.


#2: Spin Doctors “Two Princess” – As a young man who had his eye on a pretty girl, this song was my anthem. Because there is always a rival. Another young man who has eyes for the girl you like. If tonight would be the night to ask for the couple skate, then this was the song that gave you the courage to ask.


#1: Quad City DJs “Come and Ride It – The Train” – This was THEE SONG. Didn’t matter how many times they played it during the night. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The floor would pack out with people skating around doing the “chop-choo” hand motion like they are trying to signal a trucker to blow his horn on the highway.


If I missed anything on my list feel free to comment down below! Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.

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