Dara Maclean Shares New Song “Blameless”

Dara Maclean stopped by the studio to share her new song, “Blameless.” She explained where the lyrics of this song came from.

“There has been a beautiful undoing in my life. Instead of making the gospel about me and how much I love God, how much I’m trying to do, and how I’m trying to be good enough. I’m making it about who HE says I am. How He is in pursuit of me. The Bible says we love Him because He first loved us. In Colossians it talks about how God has reconciled us. He is looking at us and telling us that we are whole and blameless. So if I’m not seeing that in my life, it’s because I don’t truly believe that He says that about me. That’s the journey that I’m on, realizing that if God says it then that’s who I am.”


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