Don’t Let the Passion Die

Water sloshing in the small pool, a man descends into the water sobbing. This is no ordinary looking man, but a very tall, muscular man. The sight of him crying stops me in my tracks. Grown men rarely cry and when they do it’s never openly in front of a crowd of people, but today is baptism Sunday at my church. The pastor talks with the man then dunks him under the water and raises him back up symbolizing being buried with Jesus and  being raised to a new life in Him. As the man rises out of the water he throws his hands up in worship to God. He weeps out of pure joy. His soul was overcome with what Jesus did for Him on the cross.

BaptismWith tears rolling down my cheeks, I tried to remember what it was like to be THAT moved by Jesus. The man had just recently become a follower of Jesus. His passion for God was so evident in his demeanor. I remember starting to follow God at a young age and experiencing baptism just like this man did at age 11. I have known Jesus so long that my passion for Him and for what He has done for me is nothing like this man’s. When did the passion die?

Just because I’m used to the idea of God’s grace and forgiveness does not change how radical they are. Just because the cross is something we have know about for years does not change the power in it.

Seeing this man so moved by God reignited my heart. I want to continue to be passionate about what God has done for me. Even if the concept of God’s grace is an old one for us, it’s still shocking that God gives it to us at all! I want to be moved by thankfulness every single day for all that God has done for me!


– Joy

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