Love is a Choice

Lets face it, LOVE is TOUGH!

Its a beautiful feeling to know that your heart loves someone else and when love is fresh and new everything seems to come a little easier, things seem to always work out and all those little quirks about the other seem funny and endearing. Then the puppy love comes to an end and life gets real. Now those quirks may not be as cute and answers to tough questions don’t come as easy and love isn’t as fun as it was when you first met. Now what?

Welcome to life and love and the choice…

Amber and I say to each other every day, “I choose you” which to us means that I will choose you when…

…Life gets hard and we don’t have all the answers.

…Im upset and you’re not my favorite person.

…tough times come and we have to weather a storm.

Its easy to choose someone else when life is easy, its when life gets tough and things get real that we are promising to always choose the other. No matter what. Much the in the same way God chooses to love us even though we don’t deserve it. Marriage between us should mirror the way God loves His church. Let our stories of love have the ability show the glory of God living in us and through us as we forgive, honor, cherish and choose to love the one we are with.

So, in the good times and bad, in life’s ups and downs and everything in between. Love is more than a feeling, love is a choice. One I will gladly make every day. Here is our story.


Video by Scott and Lisa Photography and Cinema.

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