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3 Keys to Get People Involved in Your Next Move

1. Call it a Party :: Research has shown that the right name can make all the difference. Its true for marketing, movies, and yes, even MOVING! Just throwing in the word “Party” creates an atmosphere of fun making people NOT want to miss out. (especially those who suffer from FOMO: fear of missing out)

2. Offer Something Free :: Food works best here. Pizza, burgers, whatever really. It add to the party atmosphere and again, people LOVE free stuff. Especially if you’re willing to part with some things you don’t want anymore. Shabby Chic is in right now, so maximize your move by being willing to part with a few things along the way. Move/Garage Sale! It works.

3. Say its Only a “Little” Thing :: Moving sounds like a back breaking thing that will take the better part of day involving blood, sweat and tears. You’ve called it a party and added some freebies to the mix, now lock them in by saying its only a small thing or just a few heavy things. DON’T FLAT OUT LIE!! If you’re moving a giant house then make that clear, just point out the few heavy things that you really need help with. Guilt will keep them around to help out with the rest.

Good luck on your next move!

– Carlos

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