You Think You Are Absolutely Right, But You Might Be Dead Wrong

You know the moments when you are so sure of yourself that you would argue your point into the ground! Then later you come to learn that you were wrong…yep, those are embarrassing moments!

One year ago, I sat at Mike’s kitchen table arguing with him. Mike is like an adopted dad to me. He has always helped me in tough situations and shared his life wisdom with me, but this time I was sure that he had lost it. I was explaining how hard life had been with all the crazy changes around me. I had been deeply hurt by a friend and I was responding in a hurt way. Mike shared that we are all responsible for our emotions and attitudes. He said no one can MAKE us feel any certain way. We decide how we respond and even what emotions we allow ourselves to feel. As a highly emotional woman, I could not comprehend this. I argued with Mike that I could not DECIDE to not be upset with all that had happened. I did not even feel that I could choose my attitude about the situation.

I was wrong.

It took me a full year and some counseling to realize that Mike was absolutely right. I argued my incorrect point into the ground and now I can see Mike’s wisdom. I wish so much that I had simply learned from his words instead of arguing against them.

We all have these moments though. The moment when you think…how could I have been so sure back then and yet so wrong?

God is teaching me that we are in control of our attitudes and our emotions. In fact, we are in control of how we accept the wisdom of others. I think I owe Mike an apology.  Also, I am going to think twice next time I think I am absolutely right because there is a chance that I’m dead wrong.


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