Encouragement For a Struggling Parent

I could see the defiance in his eyes. A total meltdown was coming.

We were half a mile from our house, which was the furthest my son had ever walked with his toy walker. He was delighted with every step, but when it was time to go home I saw fire in his eyes. He defiantly fought me every step until I had to pick him up kicking and streaming and carry him home. He even bit me out of anger on the way! Completely defeated, I finally arrived home, made sure he was safe and then closed myself in another room to cry. I felt so much anger and defeat over such an intense moment with my son.

Whether your child is 1 like mine or 16, defeating moments come all too often. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs ever. You sacrifice so much and see only glimpses of your investment. You wring yourself out for this little life and they are rarely grateful for what you do. In moments of discouragement, you need others to speak life and truth to you.

When I shared about my hard parenting moment online, so many amazing parents shared encouragement. It helped me so much that I wanted to share some of it with you for those hard days.

You are doing an amazing job. The fact that you even clicked on this shows your desire to be encouraged so you can be better for your child. There is no tired like a parental tiredness. Find things that fill your cup and conversations with people who lift you up. Remember that God sees and knows how you are struggling. Talk to Him and ask Him to show you some encouragement in your child. It may be a very small moment, but He will be faithful to do it.

From one hot mess momma to you: You are doing great!
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