The Perfect Holiday Gift For Each Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a tool to define different personality types by assigning a number (1-9) to each type. Since gift buying is so personal, I hope this tool helps you understand the kind of gift that would be best for each unique personality type. If your loved one does not know their enneagram type there are plenty of free tests they can take online to figure it out. Please comment with your enneagram number and any additional gift ideas for your personality below!

1-The Reformer


Ones value honesty and have high standards for themselves and others. They value getting it right and this can spill into the kind of gift they would want as well. Ones can tend towards perfectionism making the gift buying process for them difficult since ideally they would love the perfect gift. Gift Cards are ideal for a One because no one will get the perfect gift for them quite like them.

“I love getting a gift card as a One because then I can pick out my own gift; that doesn’t feel impersonal to me, it feels like the other person trusts me to get the thing I want.” – Kaitlin


2- The Helper

Do NOT slack off when buying for a Two. Twos are feelings based and typically focus on what others need. Personal and thoughtful are the two most important words when it comes to buying a gift for a Two. If you saw it and immediately thought of them make sure you explain why when delivering the gift since the meaning behind the present may be even more valuable to a Two than the gift itself.

“My favorite gifts are personalized. It shows that someone really knows me and noticed something that they thought I would love. As a Two I want gifts to be an outward sign of an inward love.” – Kelly

3-The Achiever

Threes are often admired for their ability to excel and perform. They work hard and are goal oriented, but they struggle when it comes to focusing on themselves instead of how others see them. Great gift ideas put the focus back on a Three and allow them to work on themselves and get in tune with their own needs and feelings. Since my husband is a Three I am learning that an Audible subscription or air pods are a great gift for a Three since they are always trying to better themselves. It allows them to listen to books and podcasts on the go that push them to be introspective and focus on their own emotions.

“Threes are the WORST at self care and slowing down. I’m not going to spend my money on that, but if someone gave me something to help take care of me like bath salts or a face mask; I’d totally use them and would feel both taken care of and ready to get up and do the next thing.” – Bekah


4- The Individualist

Unique gifts are crucial for an Enneagram Four since they want a gift from you that most people would not even know them well enough to get them. Fours are emotionally deep and often creative and artistic. A gift that shows the unique taste of a Four is best. Handmade gifts work super well whether it’s a hand written card or something you put time and energy into making. A handmade gift is one of a kind and will feel as unique and special to a Four as they feel every day. If you do not want to go the handmade route then make sure to get something that highlights the interests that are unique about your Four friend.

“As a Four, the perfect gift for me is given with words like ‘I know you will love this because you love _____’ so it says you put thought into it and considered my feeling instead of just grabbing something. Something personalized to who I am is what I love. It does not have to be a flashy or expensive gift just given with meaning.” – Pam


5-The Investigator

Fives tend to be thinkers so they can get stuck in their own head and forget to focus on their emotions and their own body. A perfect gift for a Five shows that you see them and value their relationship though they tend to be more introverted. Gifts that help a Five recharge are ideal since it takes more effort for them to be in social situations than most other numbers. Fives are very knowledgeable so they are not looking for any kind of gift to better themselves, but simply to help them relax like a back massager.

“As a Five, I process things more internally, and it also takes a lot of energy for me to be around people for a long period of time, or be with a lot of people. So “me time” is very sacred to me, or time at home with just my husband. I currently have a back massager on my Christmas list because it’s a way for me to relax. I could turn on a movie and just be silent and still.” – Danielle

6- The Loyalist


Sixes are good at anticipating problems and being loyal to those closest to them. As a Six myself, I know that safety is key! Sixes often fight anxiety and worry so gifts that calm or soothe can be perfect like a weighted blanket. Sixes also are analyzers and thinkers so practical gifts they want but would never buy for themselves work well.  What is actually on my own Christmas wish list this year is a Ring Doorbell  to enhance the feeling of safety in my own home.

“Some advice for anyone buying gifts for a six: just make sure you spend hours pouring over Amazon reviews, cross-checking them with other websites, and scanning the entire internet multiple times for the best deal. If there are any bad reviews, always analyze if it’s the best product. This helps you get inside the mind of a Six and how they would buy for themselves.” – Megan 

7-The Enthusiast

Sevens love to be the life of the party and have new experiences. Anything that allows a Seven to be social is a win for a gift. Games like Jack Box TV or tickets to a sporting event or concert would allows a Seven to have a blast and be around a lot of people. Even creating your own event would be a great gift for a Seven like planning a holiday party and inviting all their friends. Sevens also tend to love new technology but before purchasing them the latest tech gadget make sure they have not already purchased it for themselves since they love to get things when they are new and exciting.

“Experience based gifts are great because Sevens are always looking for the next exciting or fun thing to do!” – Steve

8-The Challenger

Eights love to take the lead and enjoy a challenge! Intense and energetic is how many people describe Eights. When looking for a gift for an Eight consider joining them for an activity that challenges them like a workout class so you can be challenged right along with them. Getting a fitness tracker for yourself and for them would bond the two of you and be a great gift! Leadership comes naturally to an Eight so leadership books or biographies of powerful take-charge people would also be a valuable gift for them.

“I think what I really value is people that match my intensity and passion for life that can come alongside and do what I am already doing and enjoying.” – Chantry

9-The Peacemaker

Nines come in all shapes and sizes since they are the most common number, but they do have several things in common. Nines love peace and harmony in all relationships so they tend to avoid conflict at all costs. Since Nines bring people together and care so deeply about the well being of others they often neglect themselves in the process. Great gifts for a Nine help them relax and focus on themselves. Massage certificates or facials will show a Nine that you love and appreciate them. Nines spend so much time caring for others so give them a gift that pushes them to enjoy themselves and take time to be alone and focus on their own needs. Nines do enjoy being social as long as there are no relational challenges to help navigate so doing all the planning on a social event and then just surprising them with their closest friends could also be a great gift!

“One year my wife threw me a surprise party and it was awesome! I would never do that for myself and if someone asked me if they could throw me a party I would always say no, but I loved it!” – CJ

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