There’s No Shame in Getting Help

Hi, I’m Bekah. I love Jesus. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I take meds. And I go to therapy. 

I get being therapy hesitant. I was so nervous to go and wasn’t sure where to start. I also assumed that therapy would just be someone scolding me and telling me to get my life together. 😂

Now that I’ve been going for several years, I realize what a GIFT it is. 

I’ve had seasons where I go every week. I’ve also had long breaks between sessions.

Right now, I’m in a “let’s put something on the books once a month, but cancel in advance if it’s not needed” phase.

Last week was one of those “on the books” appointments, and after 50 minutes of talking and tears, I left feeling so much lighter. 

There are some great resources for finding therapists. Many cities have Christian counseling centers where you can pay on a sliding scale. I found my therapist on Psychology Today’s “Find a Therapist” feature where you can get as specific as you need to with what you’re going through.

And if you need to talk to someone RIGHT NOW, we have Spiritual coaches available 24/7 when you text CHAT to 91979. 

3 Signs It May Be Time to Go to Therapy

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