5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Surrendering to God


“The pathway to peace is to day by day surrender our life to Jesus Christ.”
– Chad Mattson from Unspoken

You may already know that surrendering to God is a really good thing, but when’s the last time you thought about what it truly means to give your life away to God? They guys from Unspoken get things exactly right in their song “Lift My Life Up.” Here are 5 important reminders from the song about what surrender really means.

1. God brought you this far.

Look back on your life. God has been with you every single step of the way and guess what? You’ve made it this far! He won’t let you down now and He never will. (Matthew 6:25-34)

2. Being under fire refines you.

Sometimes people describe going through really hard times as being “under fire.” That’s intense! But have you ever seen precious metals be “refined by fire?” They come out more beautiful and valuable than ever on the other side. God wants to do the same for you! (1 Peter 1:7) Look for Him to teach you things even in the middle of rough situations.

3. Surrender includes all your dreams and plans – even if they’re awesome.

It’s easy to sing a song in church about surrendering your life to God, but once it comes time to actually give it all away… it’s hard. Hopes, dreams, and plans for the future are a big part of who you are, but trust us – let God write the story. It may not look like how you planned, but you’ll be astonished at the beauty and meaning God can bring to one person’s life.

4. Your life is for God’s glory.

Do you realize this? You – yes, YOU – have the incredible privilege of being a part of God’s glorious plan (Philippians 2:9-11). Living a life for the glory of God will bring you more fulfillment than you realize (Psalm 37:4).

5. Peace is like a river.

Isaiah 48:18 describes God’s peace like a gentle river. He says this river would flow over His people if they would just listen to His commands! God loves you more than you will ever realize and every time God gives instructions, He’s also offering you peace like a river. Peace comes when we realize God sees the ultimate, beautiful picture even when we don’t.

Remember that God has everything under control as you watch the official lyric video to “Lift My Life Up” by Unspoken.

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