How to Turn Doubt into Trust

Trusting God isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes we KNOW what His promises are and we even believe they’re true… but we just don’t feel it.

“It doesn’t always FEEL like He knows what He’s doing… ‘Really God? Are You with us?’ It didn’t really feel like it in that second…”
– Jodi from Love & The Outcome

The husband and wife team, Chris and Jodi, from Love & the Outcome wrote about asking this very question in their song, “He is With Us.” They say there’s a big difference between simply having the knowledge of God in our heads and really believing He’s going to pull through.

Their own story had a lot of ups and downs. We’ll let you hear it straight from them in this quick video”

“…He showed us He never left our side… No matter how alone [you] feel. He is with [you].”
– Jodi from Love & the Outcome

Surrounding yourself with this reminders of God’s faithfulness. He’s right next to you!

If you’re feeling alone, or just need a simple reminder that God is with you today, check out the lyric video to “He is With Us” by Love & the Outcome.

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