This Passion Song is Full of Contagious Joy!

You called my name
And I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness
Into Your glorious day
– “Glorious Day” by Passion

This song, “Glorious Day” is all about what God has done for us. Kristian Stanfill, lead singer of Passion, says, “When you start singing about that and singing about coming back to life and our dead heart beating the life of Jesus, it really brings a joy out of people.”

Check out the infectious joy in their video!


Going a little deeper into the song, the guys from Passion said, “What I like so much about God is that He didn’t stop at saving us… In the bridge, that’s what we start singing about… We start claiming things about our lives. That we were dead, but now we’re alive! And we may have felt alone, but we’ve actually been invited to be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven! So, the future is bright.”

Watch the whole story below!


Photo cred: Passion Conferences Facebook page 


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