“To the Table” by Zach Williams Will Make You Grateful for Who Jesus Is

I think this song might be Zach Williams’ favorite. He didn’t actually say that, but when he sat down in our studio with his guitar and I asked him to play “Chain Breaker,” he said he wanted to play “To the Table” first. And I’m very glad he did.


Zach says, “This song for me was my reaction to seeing how great God’s grace, mercy is… The fact that He called me something that I couldn’t see, like “righteous” or “redeemed” or “son…” The idea was, if you could just imagine this table that God had prepared that stretched as far as you can see and at that table there was a chair for each and every person in the world waiting. But it was a decision that we have to make to come, to accept that invitation, to pull that chair out, and fellowship with God. Because ultimately that’s why He sent Jesus to die on the cross, so we could have relationship with Him…

Whenever I sang that song for the first time, I wanted people to believe that I’ve been there. And believe that God says, “Bring it all to the table. I’ve seen it all, man. There’s nothing that’s gonna surprise me. And I already knew it before you brought it here.”

Zach Williams has a lot more fascinating thoughts about God and music. You can hear them all in the More Than the Music podcast.

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