Want to Be Famous? You Don’t get There by Following Your Dreams.

When asked how to become successful, Tauren Wells doesn’t give an answer that you might expect. He knows the Christian music industry. He was part of a band called Royal Tailor, now has his own solo project that you can hear on WAY NEW.

He spoke to a group of teens at Camp Electric about how to become famous and why following your dreams isn’t the answer.


Tauren said, “People ask me that dumb question: “How do I become famous?” … I’m giving you the direct route right now. Follow presence. Because God’s presence will take you places that you’ve never been before… I wasn’t chasing a dream, I was following Jesus. I wasn’t just trying to get on stage, I was trying to serve people. I wasn’t just trying to be well-liked and well-loved, I was trying to do what I did well and pleasing to God… That’s how I got to the Grammy red carpet. I wasn’t following a dream, I was following Jesus.”

You can go to Camp Electric in person! Check out their website here.

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