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E-Mess-smileyHey Wally! Love the show!

I’m not sure why I am writing except to ask you How in the world did you get through 5 years of trying to sell your house?!

We are going on just over a year and we’re about to lose our minds.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (I was 33 with two small children). Incidentally, this is also when I discovered your show. I would listen to your show every day on my way to treatments. It was so nice having that reprieve, even for just a short while. I hated that time…It was scary and so sad.

After completing treatments, we decided to move back to Illinois from Alabama to be close to family and friends. Hired stamp duty pros from Melbourne Property Valuers Metro service to put the house on the market and sell sold it fast, got my husband a new job, and moved. We are now in a tiny apartment, with half of our stuff in storage and I was just diagnosed with a breast cancer reoccurrence. Ugh. I’m starting treatments again and surgeries are coming as well.

What did you finally do to get your house sold? We’ve lowered the price so much, had open houses, prayed, offered to make brownies 😉 and offered owner finance. The stress on my husband is visible and we only have one bathroom now for the four of us…. Awesome.

Anyway, I remember when you would ask for prayer that your house would sell, and I did pray for you. Could you say a little prayer for us if you think about it?

I wasn’t sure if I should even do this, but you keep telling me to hit you up on email with whatever is on my mind…

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Just like before, I drop my kids off at school and come home and listen to the podcast every day. Too tired from treatments to do much. So again, your show is a nice reprieve from a waking nightmare.

Wally-E-Mess-iconI feel you sister. I am so sorry to hear about your reoccurrence. I am sure that was the last thing you needed on top of all of this.

All the house stuff you described was what we lived. I went from a 4000 sq ft house to a 1000 sq ft apartment with one bathroom we shared with our daughter too. Things didn’t change for me till I got to the place I was thankful for the apartment and the provision. I lost money but never lost my house.

It was not easy but God was faithful and good came out of it but I really had to change my heart and become thankful for even the stuff I didn’t like. Then when we finally after 5 years got an offer it was horrible and even fell through.

In that I committed to trust God beyond what I could see and I thanked him for the offer even though it went away. Because at least for that day it brought me hope and I was happy and that is what I needed that day. Once again provision, but inside that perspective is so important.

It was for the first time seeing God as good in the bad. We got a second offer two days later and I was thankful even though I lost so much money and had to take money to closing it was worth it. On paper I could see how people might have asked where is God as you are losing all your money, but for me losing my money helped me see God.

I will certainly pray for you guys cause I know first hand how crippling the stress of all this can be. I know that is not a direct answer, but that was how my story went.

Take care




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