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I heard you discussing conversations with non-believers, and how Christians can come off as being confrontative and unwilling to discuss other opinions. I agreed with that premise. However, then you mentioned that you have only read a tiny bit of the Bible, followed by comments that insinuated that knowing a lot of scripture is not important. All you need is a few friendly, feel good verses, and you’re good to go.

So, my question to you is, how long have you been saved, or identified yourself as a Christian? I know you’ve been on the air for at least several years. Furthermore, if calling yourself a Christian, why wouldn’t you want to know more of His word? You are the on-air representative for the most popular Christian radio station around. Thousands of younger Christians listen to your show, and call in to you seeking your input and advice. They see you as some kind of leader. You have influence on these listeners.

Perhaps it might be a great idea to get to know the Word of the God you say you believe in. If your main concern is being popular and cool as a Christian, then you’ve missed the whole meaning entirely. There was nothing cool about crucifixion, and Jesus told his followers that the world will HATE you because of me.

The world does not need more ‘cool Christians’. What the world needs, is more Christians who truly don’t care about looking cool or fitting in.

Wally-E-Mess-iconThank you so much for your judgment of my faith and the assumption that I am trying to be a cool Christian. That is a judgment of my heart and relationship with God and that is clearly wrong in the Bible. So while you are giving me all of these verses to check out to make me a better person I would submit that you could use a refresher course in grace.

I made an honest statement because I am not fake and not perfect. I admitted that I do not know as much of the Bible as I would like. Remember faith is a journey and not everyone is as perfect or at the same place in their faith as maybe you are.

My point was that I have not read the whole Bible, not that it was not important. Have you read the Bible cover to cover? If not than maybe you could dial back you condemnation of me a bit.

I never said the Bible was not important. I said that for me Christianity is real and that it is more than just the Bible. It is about a relationship with a living God who manifests himself in our lives.

The Bible is obviously the basis for that because that is how we know about Jesus. That is how we know about the attributes and faithfulness of God, but it has to be more than that. It has to be lived out in your life. That is what I said, and I stand by that.

I disagree with your assumption that my honesty is doing damage. In fact, my honesty and lack of condemnation for people who are not at the place that I am is why most people listen to this show.

I am sad that we could not have had a better conversation about this but when you come at me like you did I will defend myself and my position.



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