It has been a few years since I have traveled with Compassion International to see the work they do. I have to tell you it is such a great reset for me personally. It is a reminder that maybe the things I get super worked up about really aren’t that big of a deal after all.

Life for the Masi in Kenya is hard. They have been in a drought for 2 straight years but, you would never know it because when you meet them you are greeted with open arms and a song.

Perhaps the difference between them and I is they are truly reliant on God to provide for them daily whereas I tend to only run to Him when something seems beyond my control.

But in the middle of this dry barren land something is growing. It’s hope for the future in the lives of the children who are fortunate enough to be in the Compassion program. At every Compassion project you always meet one kid that just blows you away. For me that was Amos, or Famous Amos as I nicknamed him.

Amos took us to his house and it was not an easy road and, I am using the word “road” very loosely. It was like driving on a giant pothole that moved beneath you but the trip was worth it. I would make that drive 1,000 more times because his family welcomed us with open arms and showed us what their life is like. I even got my hands a little dirty shoveling goat poop, a job that Amos does every week.

Sponsoring a child though Compassion is not about making their chores easier. It’s about giving them food, education, and Jesus so that they can improve their lives and the lives of the people in their community. Famous Amos wants to be a doctor but not in the U.S. He wants to be a doctor in Kenya and his mother could not be more proud. She said, “Amos is an obedient boy and I am praying that he will have a great future through the support of Compassion”

It was truly an honor to spend some time with Amos encouraging him to follow his dream and keep God first in his life. I hope that someday I get to come back to Kenya and have the famous Dr. Amos operate on me!

If you want to see some of the kids you can have a life changing effect on, click here. I promise you it will not only change their life but is will change you as well!

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