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People always ask me what is my favorite Bible verse and I always tell them John 11:35, “Jesus Wept.”  I am not trying to be funny because it is the shortest verse in the Bible.  I love that verse because of the story behind it which I will get to in a second.


We started today by flying in a tiny single engine plane to get to Marsabit.  One problem, my wife is terrified of flying.  I spent the last two days asking God to give her peace to get through this.  I got emotional just after take off as I saw Mardi talking to the Pilot and actually laughing.  He had managed to put her at ease, and I just sat there and thanked God for that.  The way this ties into John 11:35 is Jesus wept when he saw the hurt that Mary and Martha had to go through after their brother Lazarus had died.  Jesus knew that they had to go through that moment of sadness first before they would see God’s power and be witness to His greatness.

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I knew Mardi was going to have a life altering experience but she just  had to get through the thing that terrified her first.  I am happy to say she did great and even flew the plane for a couple minutes.

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We landed on a dirt runway lined with rocks in the middle of the desert.  You could not accidentally stumble upon this place.  Which means we have to be intentional about helping people.  I love working with Blood Water Mission because the meet the physical needs of people as well as share Jesus with them.

0000 faces of kids

These faces are why we go to such difficult places.  They need water and Jesus.  It is a privilege to help them get both.

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Along the way we would hear people shout at us as we drove past them on the dusty , we’ll be kind and call them roads. I asked Claire our host what they were shouting.  She said they were asking for water.  This kind of leveled me.  No one I know needs to beg on the side of the road for something so basic like water.  It was a powerful reminder of why we are here.

We stopped under the shade of a tree to have a snack and I noticed a woman on the side of the road whom we had passed moments before. As we prepared our snack I knew I had to take her some water. How could I not? Here was the “least of these” staring me in the face. Think about the last time you were so thirsty you thought I am going to die. Obviously you weren’t and you could solve your own problem. The people here do not have that ability, but the good news is we have the ability to start changing lives for families here immediately. Please keep sharing the story and pray about helping out during our “Tanks Mom” event with blood water mission when we return home from Kenya. Also please excuse any typos or or half post as we keep losing Internet and I’m trying to type this all the giant thumbs on an iPhone 

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