0005 plane zach

Today was supposed to be a short travel day to Lwala but nothing in Africa goes as planned.  The hour and forty minute flight and 2 hour car ride ended up taking almost 8 hours.  It is funny because from the air you get a sense of just how big Africa is…

0005 desolat zach

…but on the ground the job is even bigger because there are so many people in need of help.

0005 huts

And some of them are extremely hard to reach. Those circles are actually huts and live stock corrals made from thorny brush.  As you can see there is nothing for miles.  That is why the work of the community officers is so important.  They are responsible to know and monitor the needs of these families.  How long was your commute today?

0005 sunset zach

But when you get there the trip is worth it when you see God’s canvas.

0005 kids cute wally

However, the kids are even more beautiful than the view…

0005 photobomb

…and funny too. This kid pulled off a mega photo Bomb as I was trying to get a picture of me and my wife on this beautiful mountain. It’s time for bed.  We have a long day tomorrow as we meet the people of Lwala and find out how we can serve them.  Thanks for following us on this trip.



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