Operation Christmas Child Bullied by American Humanist Association


This is one of the saddest commentaries on our society.  A group called the American Humanist Association is trying to prevent kids at a school in Colorado from collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. This infuriates me because these are people that would rather see children suffer than get what they need and hear about God. Where is the decency in that.


Do you think you are doing these children a favor? They don't care about your politics, they want to eat and if believers want to feed them, then so be it. I don't see the American Humanist Association mobilizing to do any one any good. Here is the link to the story. If you are in Colorado and want to help out, let's send a message to these litigious individuals that they did not win.



Want to know how to pack an OCC Christmas box? Here's how:

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