5 Reasons Your Kids Needs To Attend VBS

Hey! We love that you're interested in this, but just a heads up, it's for North Florida.

The final school bell has rung…the days are longer…and the kids are…bored! It’s summertime and you’re probably trying to find ways to keep your kids busy and entertained! How about we give you something that can do all of that AND teach your kids more about Jesus at the same time! We’ve got you covered – it’s time for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL. Here’s 5 reasons why your kids need to be in a VBS this summer.

1. The Music

Prepare to get songs like this stuck in your head for the rest of summer. And it’s win-win: a) your kids will be memorizing and singing songs that are all about Jesus and how awesome He is! b) they’re going to get a work out doing all those movements (fun fact – stop in some time and see the adults dancing along – worth seeing)

2. The Snacks

VBS Snacks

Oh the snacks…you’ll see everything from haystacks to fresh fruit and everything in between. Or maybe you’ll find a creative volunteer who made Graham Cracker Walls of Jericho! Every church will unleash their inner Cake Boss. Little known fact – During VBS every church in America WILL serve pounds of goldfish crackers (no need to check it’s totally true)

3. Rec Time

VBS Games

Want to make sure your kids come home exhausted and ready for bed? We’ve got the solution for you – rec time! Every youth pastor’s dream…Sure your kids will play Red Rover, Tug of War, and more…but you can probably convince the rec leader to throw in a few extra laps for good measure!

4. Crafts

VBS Crafts

Vacation Bible School has been keeping companies like Oriental Trading in business for years! No matter the theme your VBS leader will find a way to turn pipe cleaners, paper plates, and glitter into masterful works of arts that will adorn your home for months to come. (Can you say memory box…)

5. Bible Time

VBS Bible

This is where it all comes together and where it really matters. Through all of the music, snacks, games, and crafts it all ties together to the theme of VBS. In one week your kids will truly learn to face their fears, fully trust God, dig deep into the Bible, and learn about who Jesus really is. Throw in some awesome stories about amazing missionaries around the world and you might as well start saving for that next mission trip.

Sounds great right?! So where can you find one of these amazing Vacation Bible Schools? Right here at the VBS HQ


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Photo by Spacey Tracey


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