Love that Sticks reminds us that God is the author and originator of real, authentic, relentless, unconditional, all powerful, self-sacrificing love and challenges us to get radical by finding people who need this life-changing love and encourage them with an uplifting message on a sticky note.


In February, WayFM invites you to put sticky notes up all over Colorado with encouraging messages like…”Smile, God loves you!”, “Hang in there, God’s got you!”, or “You’re beautiful just the way you are!”. When you place your sticky note be sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram @wayfmcolorado and use #LoveThatSticks.


Be sure to write 101.9 WayFM if you’re in Denver. 93.9 WayFM if you’re in Northern Colorado and 99.3 WayFM if you’re in Colorado Springs.


Join WayFM on the Street throughout February in the Denver metro and grab some custom #LoveThatSticks sticky notes!

Tap the dates below to learn what you can enter to win plus more.

February 20th 11a – 1p – Chick-fil-A @ 104th & Federal
February 21st 5p – 7p – Chick-fil-A @ 120th & Bradburn