My wife and i live in Nova Scotia – A Believer’s Story

Last Wednesday 3 Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were slain in a senseless gun rampage in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The funeral service for the 3 slain officers was held today in the city’s largest facility. Over 6,000 police officers from Canada, the United States, and Europe gathered to salute their sacrifice and comfort their families.

At the request of one of the officers widows, Matt Redmond’s 10,000 Reasons was sung during the service. The feeling of faith and support that this song inspired in the facility was awesome in moving people past the feeling of loss to a feeling of comfort.

My wife and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and spend much of the winter in Bonita Springs, Fl., where we first discovered the beauty of WAY-FM every day. When we heard Redmond’s song heard in such a powerful environment of emotion and loss today, it brought a full circle of the meaning of this beautiful Ode to Christian Faith. It was the first time we’ve heard the music north of our peaceful, shared border.

We use the app daily and appreciate the feeling of renewed faith that WAY-FM inspires every day and renewal it’s programming provides.

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