One Thing Helping This Mom with Her Daughter’s Medical Battle

Jenifer is an awesome member of the WAY-FM family through her financial support and conversation. She saw God work in some really cool ways while her daughter battled some serious health problems. This is her story.


I want to thank you so much for being so uplifting and such a rock in my family’s life.

My 6 year old daughter, Emma, has been through a lot of medical challenges in the past 2 years. You always bring a smile to our face and remind us that God is an amazing God!

Two Christmases ago, when Wally and crew came to Tallahassee for the Wally Jolly Christmas tour, Emma had just gotten out of the hospital. She had been looking so forward to going to see Wally, but we weren’t sure if she’d be out of the hospital.

A friend reached out to Wally about Emma being sick and Wally made her feel so special by calling her. Then, she got to meet him at the concert and he gave her a Frozen ornament. When we brought her Frozen ornament out this year to hang it on her tree, she recounted with such joy what a wonderful moment that was. She loved so much how he sang a Frozen song with her on the phone, too!


She loves WAY FM so much and I love that the music you play fills her with the message of a loving Savior!

Last week, we got a call from a WAY FM staff member. We happened to be in the car on our way to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL for the latest of Emma’s surgeries. I explained to the lady that we were on our way to another town for Emma’s surgery. She was absolutely amazing and offered to pray with us.

At that moment, she led us in prayer over the Bluetooth speaker in our car and my whole family was so uplifted by that. She also offered to put Emma on your prayer list.


After her surgery, Emma asked me if Wally was praying for her. I assured her that not only Wally, but WAY-FM was praying for her.

I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for making a difference in our life. Thank you for making a difference in my children’s lives. Even my 3 year old son is starting to sing the songs on your station. You are so much more than a radio station to our family. You are hope. You are inspiration. You are a role model to my kids. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Blessings & Love,


Thanks for sharing your story, Jenifer! You and your family are a blessing.



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