The struggles of the real world in my community are heartbreaking… I am WAY-FM

Two years ago I moved back to Huntsville, discouraged, lost, and feeling like the past 4 years of college were a waste. I interviewed all summer and looked everywhere to find a job. I was then introduced to this station and landed a job at a preschool. Last year at this time, two children inspired me to donate to WAY-FM. Throughout the year God continued to bless me with amazing friends/boyfriend, and a job at a title one school where I’ve always wanted to work. Working at a school like this, where I see the struggles of the real world in my own community is hard, heart breaking. I am sad to say my church attendance has been minimized because I have allowed my tired and overwhelmed self to get in the way. But every morning and every afternoon I am in my car listening to WAY-FM. This station has become my saving grace. It has kept me connected to the Lord and to His Word even when I’m too exhausted to go to a place of worship. There have been days that, without listening to you, I don’t know if I would have been able to walk into the school. Thank you!

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