What Happens When Mark Turns on WAY-FM?

This Man's StoryMark’s story shows exactly how important and powerful your support is everyday.

My name is Mark and I am WAY-FM.

The last year and half has been really hard for me.

I lost two full time jobs in under a year and ran out of work several times in between. I put my personal identity in my financial security, and when I lost my job I lost it all.

I lost my hope and the desire to live.

At the right time, the song “Forgiveness” would come on the radio and remind me how much more I have been forgiven by God through Jesus,and how I am to forgive those in my life. I’d hear “Oceans” and remember to trust God without borders, and to know He has me even in the deep waters. “Praise You in the Storm” was a regular reminder that He would pull me through, no matter how messy or bad it got.

When I lost hope, God sent me WAY-FM, the Word on the Way, songs and reminders of redemption, brothers and sisters in Christ, and anchored my hopes and dreams at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

What happens when Mark turns on WAY-FM? He finds hope. Thank you for being part of that hope. 


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