What is the definition of true friendship to you?

Joy here, and these girls are my true friends. We met in college and even though life has separated us all over the country we remain close. They have shown me that real friendship = unconditional love. I have always defined true friendship as a relationship with someone you care about, someone who you had things in common with, someone you enjoyed sharing life with. However, I heard a sermon the other day that changed my definition. It talked about how true friendship is rooted in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.You know…the kind of love that is extremely hard to give and yet we all want someone to give it to us.

My pastor said true friendship means that you continue to be that person’s friend when they are not easy to be with, when they might not even want you to be their friend, and when their life turns upside down. 

See this hit home for me because I think I’m that person right now. I think it’s probably hard to be friends with me right now. I’m struggling through a lot of things and I’m not myself. I can be confused and angry. I can take it out on those around me.Although I’m working on all these things, some friends have said, “Yeah, you are not fun right now so I’m going to peace out!” I’m learning those are not my true friends.

These three girls in this photo with me have continued to pray for me and be there for me even when I just cry on the phone. They are not “getting” anything from me in our friendship right now and that’s ok. True friendship = unconditional love. They are showing me the love of Christ every day.

My dear girlfriend’s unconditional friendship towards me has made me realize how many people in my life I have given conditional friendship to. When times get hard and they are no longer easy to be around or the life of the party, I no longer want to be around them. I know it sounds horrible, but it’s true. When you look at the depths of your friendships do you have any based on conditional friendship like I do? I think it’s time I reevaluated what true friendship means and commit to love those in my life with unconditional friendship. This means if they lash out or go through a season where they are NOT easy to be around, I won’t go anywhere. This is how Jesus loves us. I guess it’s time I learned to love others this way!

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