Who’s The Better Christian?

I just read this great article from Jim Daly on The Christian Post talking about how, as believers we need to get passed the mentality that the only way to serve God completely is to go into the ministry.

Serving God isn’t a race where those in full-time ministry get a head start or run faster towards some eternal reward. TobyMac or Chris Tomlin aren’t “working harder or doing better” at being more Christian than you or I are. We need to remember that whether God has us in a ministry or a “secular” job we can be a servant to him right where we are everyday. 

Lecrae put it like this: “Your job in the real world does not necessarily have to be bad. How are you going to have a redeemed heart and enter into that field and redeem and rehabilitate the culture around you? Thats the challenge. That’s the struggle. So, redeem things. If you want to really practice this, you have to engage people, engage culture. You have to love people, love culture. And you have to rehabilitate. And in terms of engaging…this is loving the people around you.”

When we really take in this line of thinking and make this the center of who we are, we are going to realize that we are just as called to share the gospel to someone as Chris Tomlin or Third Day or Natalie Grant is. Lets open our eyes to a greater sense of purpose and let God truly take us into the culture around us and be used for His glory.

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