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This is from a dance school where white people send their kids to learn ballet and for fun most dance studios have a hip hop class and they are so not street it’s not funny....or maybe it is.

Matt, from SuperChick, and I go to the same church and it was cool to see him get baptized, but I couldn't help but notice how long the pastor and he talked.  I wonder what they were talking about...

In order to earn another one of their songs played on the show Michael Tait had to step up for the band and play Minute To Spin It.

The sport of soccer has a bad reputation for guys pretending to get injured just to draw a penalty.  Here are some of the worst soccer "flops" in HIStory or maybe we should say HERstory

I am usually not comfortable being called a hero but in this case when Betty needed help, the term hero definitely applied to me.