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Meet Katie Rose



Katie Rose: Co-Host / Producer

Hometown: Lake Havasu City, Arizona
College: Biola University (LaMirada, California)
Family: I have a wonderful pre-ancé so if I play my cards right, hopefully soon.
Pets: None yet…but I want a dog…a BIG dog.
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Troy Polamalu
Paper or Plastic Quiz:
1. Top Chef or Top Gun? Top Chef all the way! I am like a bug to a light when the Food Network channel is on. I love cooking, eating…the whole thing.
2. Read The Book or Watch The Movie? The Movie! I can read…I just don’t. In fact, I have only finished two books in my life. Plus I am a HUGE movie fan. If I get chill time, that is what I would prefer to do.
3. Home Improvement or Homegirl? Well, I can’t pull off homegirl. I would say Home Improvement. I just bought my first house and am having fun making it my own. Plus, I think I’m pretty handy.
Shoes or flip-flops? Barefoot any chance I get. I blame it on being Hawaiian. I have luau feet.