A True Story About How Shoes Lead Right to the Gospel

Two years ago, Joy traveled to Peru with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls and got to put the actual shoes on these sweet children’s feet. The shoes were provided by WAY-FM supporters just like you during one of our Pledge Drives. We want to make another huge impact in Guatemala this year, so Joy is bringing back what she wrote during her trip.

Joy here from Lima, Peru! We visited an orphanage today that was government owned. Therefore they only let us come in and talk about Jesus because we were bringing shoes for the kids.

These children all had mental and physically handicaps or learning disabilities. These children broke my heart! They were so precious and yet are the first in society to be given away to orphanages and forgotten. Many of their families did not want them or simply could not handle their disabilities.

Most of the children were shy but their eyes lit up when we put them on our backs and did foot races with them!

Not only does Shoes for Orphans Souls bring the shoes that you helped provide to these places but they also do a Vacation Bible School with the kids. I was in charge of teaching the Bible lesson today to our group of 4-9 year olds.

As I started explaining the gospel and God’s forgiveness, one of the little boys, Reyner, who was about 7 years old raised his hand and started speaking in spanish very quickly. Our translator shared that Reyner said, “God cannot forgive my sins, I’ve done too many bad things.” Our translator started sharing that God wants to forgive everyone because he loves us. I could almost see the wheels turning in this little boys mind as he processed God’s grace and forgiveness for the first time.

After a moment of processing Reyner said, “I know God has forgiven my mother because she used to hit me.” My heart went out to this little boy whose mother used to beat him and is now realizing that forgiveness is not only for him but also for her.

When we had arrived at the orphanage there was a small fight that broke out between Reyner and another boy. I saw Reyner punch this little boy. I realized that he was acting out in the only way he knows, violence. This sweet boy not only received brand new shoes that made his face light up, but he also heard about the gospel!

Your generosity allows all this to happen for Reyner! Although you couldn’t be in Peru and you won’t be in Guatemala this year, I get to go for you and love on the children while washing their little feet and giving them your new shoes! Thank you from all the children for the difference you’re making!


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