Never Give Up

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 5.18.20 PMHow many times have you been standing on your blessing and you’ve given up because you couldn’t see it? I’ve asked myself that question ever since I watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the gold rush of 1949. Odd inspiration…but it happened.

Two men, Oliver Martin and John Fowler were miners hoping to strike it rich during the gold rush. They happened to hear a rumor about a lake so full of gold it literally shimmered yellow. The two men packed up all they had and trekked hundreds of miles over mountains, battling the elements and anything nature could throw at them to find this lake. What they found was just a lake like any other…no yellow shimmering waters, no gold, no hope…nothing.

John Fowler then gave up. He walked away from his friend and took his own life leaving Oliver Martin to bury him. While Oliver was burying his now dead friend he stumbled across the biggest gold nugget of the entire California gold rush. He unearthed a 151 pound massive gold nugget worth nearly $3 million dollars in todays money.

When I saw this instantly I thought to myself…how often have I done just that. Literally standing on my blessing only to give up.

Never again will that be me. Never again will I lose hope or think that what I see with my eyes is all there is. Truth is, you might be standing on your blessing…SO NEVER GIVE UP…you never know when God is going to hand you your blessing.


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