Joy’s Journey with Postpartum Depression

Entering motherhood is hard no matter your situation.

Labor is painful and you enter motherhood with crazy hormones and already on a healing journey. The months that followed my son’s birth I experienced a dark season of postpartum depression. You can watch my journey below.

Becoming a mom was such a hard season for me emotionally, but as you can watch, I had the support of my husband, friends, and even doctors to help walk me through to a healthier place. I can’t even imagine going through the early stages of motherhood without the support of my husband or friends. Many women experiencing unexpected pregnancies have little to no support and even struggle financially as well! 

These women deserve love and support so we came up with the “World’s Biggest Baby Shower.” We want to shower moms in need with the supplies to care for their new child so they have one less thing to worry about as they enter motherhood. WayFM is collecting wipes, diapers (larger sizes are preferred), and formula at drop off locations near you. If you are not able to purchase some supplies and drop them off, then you can also simply purchase online. We are partnering with pregnancy help centers all over the US to connect with expectant and new moms who are most in need right now.

You can be the hands of feet of Jesus to a mom who feels alone and who may even be walking through postpartum depression like I was. Imagine how loved she will feel when diapers, wipes, and formula all show up on her doorstep from complete strangers! Our goal is to meet immediate needs, but also remind these moms that they are loved, seen, and cared for!

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