Summer SHOWdown Game #2: Balloon Stomp

It’s game #2 of our WAY-FM Summer SHOWdown where the CJ & Joy Show is taking on the Wally Show and Kelly. In this second game, things got messy and were over faster than we imaged!


If you want to play at home with your family, here’s what you’ll need!

1. Balloons from your local party store

2. Shaving cream

3. String to tie the balloon to your ankle


And here’s how you play:

1. Prepare the balloons by blowing them up halfway and then filling them with shaving cream. (Pro Tip: if you want the game to last more than a minute, give each person 3 balloons!)

2. Designate an area you’ll play in. The larger the area, the more difficult it is to hunt down and pop enemy balloons.

3. Have each player start in a different corner. On “Go!” you can start trying to pop opponents’ balloons by stepping on them (no hands allowed).

4. The last player with their balloon(s) intact​ wins!

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