6 Reasons You’ll Love WAY NEW

6 Reasons You'll Love WAY NEW
We’ve got something brand new to show you and, yes, we’re kind of excited about it. 🙂 We just launched a new stream of music called WAY NEW. In case you’re still unsure about whether or not you’ll like it (but why would you be, right?), here are 6 reasons why we think you’ll love it!

WayNew-Final-iconYou’ll be the first to hear it.

You could actually be the one to introduce your friends to great new music from Christian artists. WAY NEW is all about playing the newest music from your favorite artists, plus from some new voices you’re sure to love!

WayNew-Final-iconBe more hip than your kids.

You know how all the kiddos are excited about the cool new single from the latest band? Well, now you can turn around and tell them about your favorite brand new music, too.

WayNew-Final-iconYou tell the world what music you love. #waynewmusic

We really want to know what you think! What songs on WAY NEW really get you going? What songs could you do without? Is there a song you wish we would play? Tell us by using the hashtag #waynewmusic on Twitter!

WayNew-Final-iconIt has a fresh sound.

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary, but still wanting the uplifting music from WAY-FM? Well, that’s why we have WAY NEW!

WayNew-Final-iconWally doesn’t talk as much (P.S. Shhhh. He doesn’t know about this yet.)

This stream is all about the music. Wally will still make an appearance from time to time, but he’s not in the spotlight here. Not sure how he’s going to take this news, so let’s just keep it between you and me. 😉

WayNew-Final-iconYou’ll already be singing along when you hear it on WAY-FM.

When you turn on the radio, we know you’re looking for songs you already know and love. Once you listen to WAY NEW, WAY-FM’s new music will already be your favorite. So, roll those windows down and get ready to sing along to some awesome new music!

Listen to WAY NEW right here and tell us what you think! Hope you like it!

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