God Showed Up When the OBB’s Tour Bus Froze Over!

The Oswald Brothers Band – more commonly known as The OBB – found out the hard way what a harsh winter looks like. Being from Atlanta, GA, snow storms aren’t something they deal with everyday.

When they woke up to a frozen tour bus that wouldn’t start, instead of panicking, they bundled up, consulted the internet for good ways to de-frost, and grabbed a camera to document the whole thing.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this – but God totally shows up in this video. Watch to see how.

The good news is, they figured it out, a propane truck showed up (thanks, God!!), and they made it to their show!

And what’s a good snowstorm without an Instagram to document it, right?

The snow is up to my knees you don’t get that in Georgia

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