How to Hack a Monday (inspired by WAY FM Artists)

It’s Monday. And we feel ya.

Jonny Diaz gets it, too.
Jonny Diaz Monday

Having a hard time staying awake? Jamie Grace and her sister, Morgan, did.
Jamie Grace Monday Face 3

Maybe you’re falling asleep in unusual places… like Colton Dixon sitting upright in a chair.
Colton Dixon Monday Face

Or in places that don’t even look comfortable in the first place. (Thanks, Tenth Avenue North!)
Tenth Avenue North Monday Face 2

Maybe you woke up this morning, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, and… like Mandisa, this is still all you wanted to do.
Mandisa Monday Face

Overall, this photo of Jason Gray and his boys pretty much sums up your feelings about Mondays.
Jason Gray Monday Face

Even though you, like Tenth Avenue North, may feel like this emoji:
Tenth Avenue North Monday Face

Remember you’re not alone. Even Mike Donehey feels this way sometimes.
Tenth Avenue North Monday Face 3

So, Mike says, grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea…
Mike Donehey Monday Face

And know, with God on your side, you can conquer this day! Jamie knows you can do it!
Sassy Jamie

We dare you to find the fun in every day life!
Tenth Avenue North Monday

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