Laura Story Reveals a Lesson Your Kids Teach You About God

“On an intellectual level, I believe that God hears me. But emotionally, I still am that little 1-year-old. I think that God hearing me should result in Him answering me and answering the way that I want Him to… But God doesn’t necessarily work that way.”
Laura Story

Laura Story love being a mom to her daughter, Josie! In this video she shares something little Josie made her realize about her attitude toward God and how he answers our prayers. To anyone who has had to disciple their kids: you’ll definitely want to hear what Laura has to say.

“I know that being a mom is more about giving Josie what she needs than giving her what she wants.”
– Laura Story on being a mom

Ever have a hard time waiting on God? Let Laura’s words encourage you today. God really does hear you and wants to do what is best for you.

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