Throwback Thursday: Not Your Ordinary Road Trip

This was no ordinary road trip. Back in 2009, it was time for Britt Nicole to record a music video for “The Lost Get Found.” She asked God to put people in her path who were in need, then set off on a road trip to encourage them.

Britt co-wrote “The Lost Get Found” stemming from personal experience. She tells about the day God challenged her:

“I was at the mall and there was a lady at the register that God was challenging me to talk to. I kind of stood there and thought too much. When the Holy Spirit tells you to move, you need to act and not delay. The lady walked away and I was mad at myself for not acting on God’s urge to talk to that lady. I wondered what was it that God wanted me to tell that lady? I was selfish and was thinking of myself and I was disappointed in myself…

While writing the song, Ben and I had trouble coming up with anything for at least an hour, so we prayed together and Ben [Glover] looked up and said “the lost get found.” I know that was it. Jesus tells us that he’ll leave the 99 righteous to find that 1 lost person. “The Lost Get Found” is about our need to be bold and listen to the Holy Spirit. ” – Britt Nicole

You’ve probably heard Britt’s newer songs, “Gold” and “All This Time,” on WAY-FM. You may have even seen her in concert recently. This girl is still going strong, but this song and video from a few years back still ring true. It’s cool to see her continue to share this message of hope and encouragement with the people she encounters.

Watch Britt’s road trip in the official music video to “The Lost Get Found” and consider asking God to put people in your path who need encouragement.

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