Watch Hillary Scott Tell Her Daughter She’s Pregnant with TWINS!

God does answer prayers – often in ways we least expect it! Hillary Scott, singer of “Thy Will” knows that firsthand!

Hillary has been very open about the pain of a past miscarriage. That’s why the song “They Will” is so personal for her. In a Facebook post over the weekend, she and her husband shared that they are pregnant with twins!

Here’s what she said:

“God has answered our family’s countless prayers! Our family is growing… Chris, Eisele, and I wanted to share our DOUBLE portion of joy with you all! We appreciate all the love and prayers in the coming weeks as we wait (somewhat patiently if you’re Chris and I, and impatiently if you’re Eisele ????) for these precious BABIES to arrive. Yep, babies! We are having TWINS! It’s truly a miracle. Because we’ve been so open about our last pregnancy loss and journey, I want to be fully transparent with you that this happened naturally. Chris nor I have any family history of twins that we can find and are just resting in the profound gift this truly is. My heart still grieves for our loss and all who are struggling with pregnancy and infant loss and infertility. God hears every prayer and I will continue to share our story to point to the Source of all life, peace and comfort in the best and most difficult of times. Don’t lose hope!”

See how Hillary Scott’s song changed lives!


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