You’ll Love How Jordan Feliz Teamed Up with This Unexpected Artist!

Jordan Feliz teamed up with Matty Mullins (lead singer of heavy metal band, Memphis Mayfire!) Together, they created this upbeat music video with some amazing vocals. It’s called “Unstoppable.”


Matty Mullins is continuing his involvement with Memphis Mayfire, but has also been focusing on his own Christian Contemporary projects. He talks about what it’s like to be part of two different worlds, plus how he’s using heavy rock music to reach one of the most overlooked groups of people. Check out the interview in the video below!


Jordan and Matty seem to have struck up a great friendship. It’s cool to see two talented people using their gifts to bring light wherever they go.

You can hear “Unstoppable” on the WAY NEW music channel!

Listen to WAY NEW!


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