Today we headed to Compassion project 805 in Carrefour. There we met some of the sweetest and most beautiful kids in the world.




I have always said that Compassion projects are like an oasis for these kids. You can see what surrounds them. These Compassion projects are a refuge from the outside world that prepares kids to one day change the world around them.



I know some people were asking where are all the Lego photos? Well, by the look on this kids face you can tell we just broke out the Legos.  That is a Lego maniac!



Here is a little taste of the fun we had giving out these Legos.



It was cool to see what they created knowing one day these are the kids that will rebuild Haiti, and who knows an idea that started off as a Lego prototype might be a child’s ticket out of poverty.



We started the morning off with worship. We all did our best just to make a joyful noise, but this girl sang like an angel. She even gave us a private performance after the worship time.



We ended the day visiting the house of a 15 year old girl with a kidney disease. The neighborhood she lives in is so tough we had to be escorted by a guard as we walked through the streets to her house, the same streets she has to walk everyday alone.



This little girl is lucky to be alive. As you can tell from the small picture she was very ill. Compassion helped get the medicine she needed, and her father says God has healed his little girl.
I asked her what were her dreams, and she said she wants to be a secretary.



Each year Compassion does assessments of the children’s hopes and dreams so they can cater their education in ways that will help them make their dreams a reality. Her twin brother wants to be a pilot.



You know we could not leave without giving them a bag of Legos with the condition that she build us an office to represent the building in which she will one day work, and that he build us an airplane that he will one day Pilot.


This was such a great day and it is hard to believe that it will get even better, as tomorrow I get to meet my sponsored child Ilderson!


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