UPDATE: We revealed which phone screens belong to the members of the show. Find out if you guessed correctly:

Is it possible to guess someone’s age, gender and marital status based solely on the apps they use? We found this quiz that claimed it could and each took it. (Take the quiz for yourself.)

Here are our results:

Wally: Over 32 year old married female
Bekah: Over 32 year old married female
Betty: Over 32 year old single female
Zach: Under 32 year old single man

The quiz didn’t nail it for us, but we do think you can tell a lot about a person by the apps on their home screen.

We had everyone on the show screenshot their home screens. Can you tell which one belongs to each member of the show?

Home Screen IMG_9779
Home Screen IMG_9781
Home Screen IMG_9780
Home Screen IMG_9778


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